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Seesaws, a must have for every playground!


Our Seesaws provide opportunities for collaborative play as kids keep active! Single to multi-seat seesaws available.

2 seat seesaw

Seesaw, 2-Seats

3.9m x 6.6m

The Seesaws provide opportunities for collaborative play as kids keep active! Fun for two to four kids. Two- and four-seat seesaws available.

ON - Innisfil Beach Park - 82-X4.jpg


5.0m x 7.1m

The We-saw™ is a new take on our traditional seesaw. Its unique design and gentle rocking motion invites kids and families of all ages and abilities to participate in the fun.


Stand-Up Seesaw

4.2m x 5.6m

The Stand-Up Seesaw promotes  collaborative play and teamwork through lots of ups and downs! Unique spring mechanism for a controlled bounce.

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