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High-flying fun!


Swings have long been a playground staple and they continue to offer hours of fun and physical activity for children of all ages.

We offer a wide variety of models sized right for kids ages 2 to 12. Choose any swing frame and add our swing seats and chains.


4.3m x 8.7m

The Single Post Swing is an economical design to bring swinging fun to your playground requiring minimal space!


Single Post Swing

MN - NorthMankatoFallenstein - 67-X4.jpg

4.6m x 8.4m

The Oodle® Swing provides interactive fun for oodles of kids! It's the perfect accent for any new or existing playground - especially play spaces designed with the Evos® play system.


Oodle® Swing

Double Swing-110-X3.jpg

4.3m x 8.7m

This multi-user swing is one size fits all, from two kids to a multi-generational family. Easy to access on our most popular swing frame, it’s a great way for siblings, parents and grandparents to all enjoy time together. 


Friendship® Swing

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