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Kenwick School offers intensive and targeted programs to its K-12 students to provide support and education to those members of our community with a diagnosed disability. The principal aimed to design a playground that would provide sensory stimulation, areas for students to socialise and accessible play pieces for students in wheelchairs. 


At the official opening of his Play-For-All playground, the school Principal, Mark Watson said “I look forward to the day that the extraordinariness of our playground will be merely considered as
standard issue in playgrounds around this State and Country”


To fully appreciate this playground you should watch the video below because seeing the pieces in action with the students is to really understand their impact.


Our favourites include the ZipKrooz, Swayfun, and We-Saw which are all wheelchair accessible at transfer height and the students favourite is our custom LSI Hippo, who mists curious children as they play with her.



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