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Pre-designed fun for everyone!


Add stand-alone structures that kids love to your play area that are packed with play value and preconfigured fun!



Alpha® Tower


The Alpha® Tower AUS brings height to your playground with multiple climbing opportunities and exhilarating sliding. The cool aesthetics of the Hot Dip Galvanized (HDG) steel frame are ideal for this modern design and offer enhanced corrosion resistance for coastal environments.


Alpha Link® Towers AUS

Two towers double the climbing challenges and are linked by an elevated crawl tunnel for an exhilarating scramble from one tower to the other. It’s a physical and social wonderland where imaginations can literally soar. Alpha Link® Towers AUS let kids experience heights in a safe way.

248479-crab-trap-02 (1).png

NEW! Crab Trap™

Many climbing opportunities for many kids! The inviting Crab Trap™ uses a variety of materials to add visual interest and create different climbing experiences, inside or out.


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