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Pack more play into your playground!

Playground climbers are unique, freestanding play structures that develop physical strength, flexibility and coordination. We offer a range of space-effective playground climbers adaptable to your play area's unique size constraints.


Lunar Blast®


12.39m x 12.39m

The Lunar Blast® Net Climber encourages children to invent limitless games while they learn about geometry. New easy-access tensioning anchors allow tensioning without disturbing the playground surface.


Eclipse® Net Climber


8.07m x 8.07m

The Eclipse® Net Climber is an exclusive Landscape Structures design. With the tensioning system located in the cast-aluminum ball connectors and only four footers required, installation and maintenance is hassle-free! Great addition to any playground.


Mushroom Stepper


4.1m x 4.1m (Can overlap as steppers)

For a natural look, add the Mushroom Steppers to your playground. These steppers enhance the nature all around you.


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