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Alkimos Beach Primary School opened in 2017 with some of our fantastic play equipment and they have been adding to them ever since.


 Many climbing opportunities for many kids! The inviting Crab Trap® uses a variety of materials to add visual interest and create different climbing experiences, inside or out.


With 14 nets that can be climbed on the inside or outside and two multi-person seating areas, our Global Motion provides thrills for many kids at once and is perfect in a Primary School setting. We also have a fantastic PlayBooster playground with too many features to list including a Sol Spinner so multiple kids can work together to counterbalance the Sol Spinner to make it go – fast!


The Junior school spend breaks exploring their own Treehouse Playground, finding hidden animals on the discovery tree climb, crossing the net bridge and zooming down slides. We teamed this with a Cozy Dome to assist children needing some sensory space.


Finally, next to the Music room we have a set of Rhapsody drums and Grandioso Chimes. Welcoming musicians of all abilities to discover the subtle shifts of tones and individual sounds combinations in an outdoor class environment.


Working with the Team at Alkimos Beach PS has been an absolute dream and we hope that the students continue to love their play equipment for many years.



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